Tuesday, August 21, 2007


What is small talk? Small talk is the ability to start a conversation with other people and keeping the conversation flowing.

Good conversationalist don’t monopolize conversation, but orchestrate it. Small talk experts always end up conversation bearing the admiration of the people whom they talk to. Look around you, most of those who can do small talk are good conversationalist and successful in their careers and life.

It may be a predicament to some, but should you wish to become an expert, you should practice and observe the following tools of knowing this skill and art known as L.I.F.E.

LISTEN. Every good conversationalist always exerts time to research for them to orchestrate the approach. Everything should be planned. Thus, every good speaker is able to identify what objective and purpose is he/she in for that matter. To successfully do this, take time knowing the following:

1. Your purpose, your objective
2. Basic information about the person/event /activity
3. The profile of the person you are talking too ( eg. name, age, address, nickname
4. Find a good timing.
5. Prayer. As God promises, those who will ask shall be given.

INTRODUCE. The old adage Golden Rule teaches us: “Do unto others as you would like others do unto you.” Therefore, if you want to be a friend, be a friend. We should take the first step in knowing the person. But how can I easily introduce myself?

1. Smile.
2. Introduce your name, creatively. Initiate an effective “opening line”. Don’t forget to introduce your fullname.
3. Offer a hand. However, please observe proper etiquette.
4. Start the talk. Find the persons interest.
IMPORTANT: Remember the person’s name. a man’s name is the sweetest word.

FOCUS. To successfully win a friend, a person should focus his time and effort in knowing the person intimately.To do this, observe the following:

1. Be sincere.
2. Act confident and comfortable.
3. Offer some free information.
4. Connect.
5. Talk Less, Listen more.
6. Empathize.

EXIT GRACIOUSLY. Every good thing must come to an end, so as with good conversation. Prepare some exit lines to accomplish this, however acknowledge that you sincerely appreciate talking to him/her: eg. “Thank you. It was a pleasure talking to you”. Should you wish to continue the conversation some other time, leave a “key” where she/he can contact you. You do the same.

One last thought. Your exit line should be coupled with a warm handshake and a friendly smile.

With this, you'll have a wonderful day knowing you have a new found friend.




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