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TREASURES OF THE SOUTH: Grandest Regional Trade Show on November 30 - December 3, 2007

From the organizers of the esteemed international furniture show named Cebu X comes the largest and grandest gathering of the Small and Medium Enterprises in the Philippines at the Queen City of the South. Organized hand-in-hand by Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industries (MCCI) and Philippine Export Confederation in Cebu (PhilExport-Cebu), the show aims to provide venue for budding markets to meet prospect clients and at the same time feature the best-of-the-best of what the Philippines can offer to the world. Definitely, the show is a testament that Philippine goods and services is, indeed, globally competitive.

The show christened as “Treasures of the South: The best of VISMIN,” To be held in SM City Trade Hall on November to December 3, 2007, will be the first and grandest trade fair that will show the country’s color, warmth, and fascinating blend of influences through arts and crafts made by our Filipino artisans across the archipelago while providing an avenue for small enterprises to be noticed by exporters and distributors.

Open not just for furniture and furnishings industries, the show will also highlight world-class export products and services from different sectors, namely: construction, real estate, fashion accessories, travel agencies, garments, gift items, christmas decors, housewares, financial institutions, advertising, printing, academes, food industries, financial institutions, real estate developers, food industry and creative & advertising agencies.

For budding and aspiring exhibitors, they will avail of the following benefits.
1. Listing in the “regional trade show” website with products and company details
2. Company listing in the show directory which will be distributed during the show.
3. Company will be part of the active database of CFIF and Cebu X
4. 20% discount on any training offers during the 4 day event that CFIF conducts
5. Pre-negotiated rates in hotels for their accommodation.
6. Pre-negotiated rates in freight forwarders or trucking of items

For more information, log-on to or email us at or .

CFIF conducts Training on "Effective International Trade Fair Participation"

What’s the most important part in Trade Fair Participation? preparation stage, during the event or the post fair? The answer is: ALL.

Tom Willemse, a CBI Consultant emphasized that every part of trade fair participation is crucial since all part of the pre, on, and post activities of trade participation contributes to the overall performance in attending the fair.

Attended by 22 participants from different companies who are ready to participate in the upcoming Cebu X 2008 show on March 6 – 9, the seminar dubbed “Effective International Trade Fair Participation” is organized by CFIF in cooperation with CBI of the Netherlands. Esteemed Trainor’s Tom Willemse of Intraservice Netherlands and Johan Laman represented CBI and held run-through on the basics of Trade fair participation. The seminar was held in the seminar room of CFIF’s new building along North Road Jagobiao, Mandaue City last September 26-27, 2008.

The seminar also included tackled topics on exhibition strategy, exhibition selection, stand design and decoration, the buying and selling process, getting visitors to your stand and stand behavior. Mr. Willemse and Mr. Laman also gave individual counseling to exhibitor’s who participated the seminar.

The participants we’re Velma Alicaya, Susan Genson, Rowena Alterado, Cecille Genson, and Carolyn Seno of Venus Craft; Bridget mariposa of APY Came, May Sarmiento of PhilExport Cebu, Karla Batiquin of Design Ventures, Inc.m Don Bartolota (Wireworks), Ernst Rama (NCB Industries), Charlene Lim and Jen Siarot Arden Classic, Inc., Charmaine Ong (Angel Whispers Gifts and Crafts, Eric Casas and Agnes Casas (Kirsten International), Carmen Rodriguez (Accessoria, Inc), Cristina Gaston (Hacienda Crafts Co. Inc.), Charmaine Basubas (Diamond Cane International) with Irene Ngosiok, Ruben Licera, Bert Dico, Rosemel Calderon, Lalyn Lumapas, and Marilou Matura of Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation, Inc. (CFIF).

The CBI (Center for the promotion of Imports from developing countries) is an agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. The CBI was established in 1971. Its mission is to contribute to the economic development of developing countries by strengthening the competitiveness of companies from these countries on the EU market. The CBI considers social values and compliance with the most relevant environmental requirements to be an integral part of it’s policy and activities.

IN PHOTO: Tom Willemse and Johan Laman of the Netherlands CBI flanked with some of the participants of the training.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A Home of our Own

Since its humble beginnings, it has always been the dream of the Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation (CFIF) to have its own home. Thirty-four years later, what was once just a vision has now become a reality.

Along the busy lane of North Road Jagobiao in a northeastern city in Cebu rises a new 2-story building. In white hue, the new building best represents the people behind the success of the Foundation: its membership. Situated in a 2,415 square meter lot in Barangay Tungasan, the structure is at the heart of Mandaue City – the home of 60% of the Foundation’s membership.

HOW IT CAME TO BE. The plan of having a home of its own was the product of more than a decade of challenges for the CFIF Board of Trustees. In 1994, the first committee to search for a lot was established. It was unanimously decided that the building be located in the heart of Mandaue City where about 60% CFIF membership is located. CFIF Executive Director Ruby Babao-Salutan recalls: “it was the consensus of the board to locate the building in the ‘center of action.’ ”

The planning and the search for the site were not only the challenges faced by the Foundation. Funding the construction of this building took a long way. Every year since the committee was formed, a portion of CFIF’s savings was allotted for the building of its “home”.

THE “WHITEHOUSE”. The new edifice is the convergence zone of the Foundation’s operations. It houses all of CFIF’s support and service centers: Membership and Advocacy, Market Development, HRD and Productivity, Environmental Management and CFIF Information Centre (CFIF IC).

The lobby is furnished by no less than the renowned Kenneth Cobonpue.

CFIF IC, the business and design information powerhouse of the furniture industry, sits on the ground floor, just next to the lobby area. Furnished by the excellently-crafted furniture of Dedon Manufacturing Inc., which showcased of the Cebuano craftsmanship and German technology, CFIF IC hosts top-of-the-line design and product development materials and market reports accessible to CFIF member companies and other clients. It also prides itself for its Material Collection – a library of swatches and materials used by the furniture industry.

Also on the ground floor is the training area which houses the HRDP’s office and three training rooms ready to accommodate industry-related functions, trainings and other events. Each is capable of providing ample space for 50 individuals with state-of-the-art audio and visual facilities courtesy of the German Development Services (DED). Furnishings of the conference room were provided by Cebu Fil-Veneer Corporation.

CFIF’s dining area will be a special setting by itself with furniture pieces from Classical Geometry Export Trading.

Guests and clients coming to the reception area of the second floor are welcomed by the furniture set by Murillo’s Export International Corp. with lighting and fixtures from Raphael Legacy Designs Inc.. The second level houses the Executive Director’s office fully furnished by Detalia Aurora Inc. Adjacent to this room is the CFIF Board Room dressed with a complete regal boardroom set by Maitland-Smith Cebu Inc.

Sitting right next to the Executive Director’s office is the Membership and Advocacy and Finance and Admin Units’ area. Across them resides the Market Development Unit, whose main function is to run the annually celebrated Cebu International Furniture and Furnishings Exhibition (Cebu X) and the upcoming regional trade fair christened as “Treasures of the South: The Best of VISMIN”.

CFIF’s new building is a new milestone of its history. The Foundation’s new home humbly stands as an epitome of its undying commitment to serve its role: the voice and the primary support organization of the Philippine furniture export industry.

*This article was was published in the 2008 CFIF Annual Report.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cebu X 2008 on March 6 to 9

Are you a buyer looking for high-end furniture and furnishings pieces?

Or, are you a designer looking for Rembrandt?

Cebu International Furniture and Furnishings Exhibition (Cebu X) is your show. Still to be held at Waterfront Cebu Hotels and Casino, Salinas Drive, Cebu City, Philippines on March 6 to 9, 2007, the show will once again gather hundreds of exhibitors from all over the Philippine archipelago.

After months of research and website development, Cebu X website is now fully operational with the following features:

1. Weekly updated news updates. Want to know the latest news about Cebu X or Cebu X exhibitors whereabouts? For sure, we'll give you the details you want to know.

2. Raw Material Feature. From a bamboo stalk to just about anything, Filipino's has the raw materials necessary to make every furniture and furnishings done in the Philippines special. Every furniture piece tells a story you would love to know.

3. Downloads. Information, forms, application and press details is within reach. Just press the "Downloads" button and you'll have all the information you want.

This year's theme dubbed "Excite!" brings in new blood to Cebu with a more varied yet outstanding presentations that will traverse from classical to contemporary. All it takes is for you to click their website or write simply in your browser.

Tagged as the "Design Destination of Asia", Cebu X is one of the most sought after furniture and furnishings exhibitions in Asia for it's boutique style presentation which shows every Filipino craftsman's creativity and ingenuity. Cebu X is organized yearly by Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation, Inc. (CFIF) -- the primary support organization of the Philippine furniture export and manufacturing industries.

To register or for more information, please click this LINK or check their website at

12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country

Streaming through the pages of every social group (friendster, myspace, multiply, etc.), member's pages, this little book’s content of 108-pages became an instant hit. Not that it contain's malicious and scandalous materials but for it's positive outlook on what the Filipino can do to make the change the country deserves.

I call this movement a silent revolution. Thank's to Atty. Alexander Lacson.

Titled “12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country”, Atty. Lacson showed to the Filipino’s the light they seek in it’s darkest hours . He provides no remedial solution to the countries problem, but his no non-sense knack list of specific things every Filipino can let us realize that the CHANGE we want is within our reach. And, it’s working.

Government and Non-government agencies alike began to benchmark this slim book as a reference for progress.

Written in it’s 108 pages here is the his “12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country” commandments:

1) Follow traffic rules. Follow the law.

2) Whenever you buy or pay for anything, always ask for an official receipt.

3) Don’t buy smuggled goods. Buy local. Buy Filipino. (Or, if you read the book, he suggests: 50-50).

4) When you talk to others, especially foreigners speak positively about us and our country.

5) Respect your traffic officer, policeman and soldier.

6) Do not litter. Dispose your garbage properly. Segregate. Recycle. Conserve.

7) Support your church.

8) During elections, do your solemn duty.

9) Pay your employees well.

10) Pay your taxes.

11) Adopt a scholar or a poor child.

12) Be a good parent. Teach your kids to follow the law and love our country.

You can click here to see Atty. Lacson's profile.

For more information about the book, you can check the website, or you can contact Atty. Alenxander Lacson at

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The participants of the recently concluded Intfair XVII seminar held at Hilton Rotterdam, Netherlands from August 29 to September 7, 2007.



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