Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Industry Experts Conduct Design Trend Seminar during Cebu X 2007

As an added attraction to Cebu X 2007, design trend seminars were conducted by respected international industry expert. The seminars were to open to Cebu X exhibitors, CFIF members companies, the academe and other interested individuals.

Susanne Lengyel, an industrial designer and president of the German Association of Industrial Designers (VDID), conducted the “product Competence through Design” seminar last February 28. Among the topics discussed by Ms. Lengyel were the creation of sustainable design – what is possible and why we have to think different. Ms. Lengyel also shared her expertise in industrial designing – from concepts to realization. The 73 seminars audience was a mix of students, designers, company top management and international buyers.

Industrial Designer and Design Management consultant Frank Sander, on the other had, talked about furniture trends during the “Furniture Design in Europe” on March 1. The lecture include a presentation o the standing of international furniture fairs, magazine and shop displays in the 2006 and 2007 to show the interesting design developments in Europe and relate them to the Philippine furniture industry. Prof. Sander also talked about how to create new furniture design by evaluating past furniture trends. He discussed the important role of technology and materials for new furniture designs. A total of 67 persons attended the seminar.

Esteemed USA’s Furniture Today Publisher Joseph “Joe” Carroll meanwhile, shared some valuable insights in this talk on “The U.S. Market: Evolution or Revolution.” To an audience of 42 exhibitors, CFIF members and industry enthusiasts, Mr. Carroll explained the economic strategies that bring in business for exporters trying to establish themselves in the U.S. market. Mr. Carroll also gave out 723 channels of distribution for furniture, explained economic that must be considered and opportunities that exist for the small manufacturers. He also gave a comprehensive market overview of the U.S. Furniture market giving out a list of the top 25 US furniture retailers, and the new market niche markets to explore. He gave a prediction of things that will happen in the US market in 2007 as well as of the three keys to success in the business: delivery, price, and design innovation.

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