Friday, August 24, 2007

My 1st EURO TRIP ...

How would you feel if you’ve just been sent to Europe for an international training for FREE? That would be fabulous…fantastic!

And I’m fortunate to experience it now.

Yesterday, I finally received my passport with Schengen VISA for my trip and training in The Netherlands (also known as Holland). Two hours later , I finally booked my trip. Thanks to Destination Specialist (Cebu).

This training will be conducted by internationally accredited consultants and specialist hired by CBI (Center for the promotions of imports from developing countries) to coach us market development specialist from developing countries (like the Philippines).

CBI has sponsored for my accommodation at the Hilton Rotterdam Hotel and some amount for my fare to the venue, while CFIF, where I am working now, will shoulder my training allowance.

Titled CBI Intfair XVII, this seminar will commence on the 29th day of August and will end on September 7 at The Hilton Hotel, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

CBI Intfair XVII

The IntFair training aims to improve the knowledge and skills of BSO staff in the field of collective trade fair participations in Europe. The programme consists of a mix of lectures, a case study, field visits and group exercises.

During the training programme the following subjects will be covered:
· selection of suitable exhibitions;
· criteria and procedures for selecting exhibitors,
· stand lay-out and design principles,
· project management including budgeting and financing,
· promotion and public relations.

To visit a major fair organizer and an international trade fair in Europe are part of the programme. I guess we're travelling to Germany for this.

The training programme is designed in such a way that it allows the participants to combine their own experiences with the knowledge gained during the training.

In preparation of the training participants we had completed a pre-training assignment and had taken part in two e-learning session conducted by our assigned trainor.

What is more exciting about this trip is that I get to travel on 3 different planes and a train trip to get to the venue. Based on my official itinerary, here are my schedules: I’ll fly to Manila on the 26th to catch a very early Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong on the 27th. From Hong Kong, I’ll board an Air France Boeing 777 plane to Paris, France and Amsterdam, Netherlands in Schiphol Airport. From there, I’ll take a 1 hour and 15 minutes train ride to Rotterdam via Eurail.

I’m just excited like anyone else. For sure this trip will be an experience of a lifetime.

Europe here I come!

PHOTO CAPTION: A view of the windmills of Amsterdam, Netherlands at night.




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