Monday, September 17, 2007

Earn Online Through

There are true-blue online income generator sites that can help you earn income while sharing your insights on issues and idea. Take

Numerous testimonies (aside from my own) can attest that you can earn dollars if you have just the patience and the guts to join and do the on improving your posts in Mylot published by C. McCarthy in Associated Content's website.

Just follow this tips and your on your way of earning your first bucks through the internet:

1) A lot of the discussions on MyLot are only one or two sentences and, frankly, are a waste of time. These weak discussions earn less money through Mylot's algorithms than a well thought out, interesting discussion. If you write a good discussion question about something interesting, people will have more to say about it and you will get more comments. The length of a good discussion question should be about three to six sentences long. The longer and higher quality your discussion is, the more money you will earn from Mylot. Of course, quality posts also make the site more worthwhile to surf over to and spend some time at.

2) Post a picture with each discussion question and comment that you post. This will add a few cents to your earnings and will increase the amount of responses you receive to your discussions. People are more likely to participate in a discussion that has a picture posted with it.

3) Respond to all of the comments that are made on your discussions. The more comments you respond to, the more you will earn at MyLot. The more that other people participate in your discussion, the more you earn for it.

4) Submit several "tags" or keywords for your discussions and comments. This makes it easier for people to find your discussion and participate. Next to each discussion and comment there is a little plus sign and minus sign. Rate all of the comments that you receive. No one knows exactly how the payment algorithms work at MyLot, but rating your comments is likely to raise your discussion's status or importance.

5) Under your profile at MyLot, there is a section called "My Interests." Fill out the subheadings in this section very thoroughly. When you start a discussion, start it under one of these interests if any apply."

Don't just stare there.

Start your own account now in Just click this LINK or the Mylot logo above.




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