Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Peacetech Embassy :"Bridging Youth. Building Peace" CALL FOR APPLICATION

We are looking for 45 of the Philippines most dynamic youth advocates in the fields of peace; human rights; multiculturalism; and sustainable development. The gathering offers you an opportunity to work alongside young people who are committed to change and who are dedicated to being that change!

As a PeaceTech Ambassador, you will undergo a course in peace and conflict studies including trainings and interactive workshops on the following subjects:

1. Peace Education - Peace and Conflict Perspectives, Transformation Skills and Analysis Tools

2. Embracing Diversity : Islam and Christianity as Religions of Peace

Understanding Islam and Christianity in relation to conflict transformation.
Understanding Islamic and non-Islamic cultures and ways of life.
Understanding the conflict in Mindanao (history of Muslims in Mindanao)

3. Practical Skills - The course does not only provide theoretical knowledge but also gives you skills to improve your work for sustaining peace in your own communities. Workshops focus on: Leadership and Youth Empowerment Skills
Facilitating Skills
Organizational Development
Community Empowerment
Youth Mobilization
How to give Workshops
How to facilitate Dialogues

Our trainers have hands-on experience from different fields. Their personal experience and knowledge creates a captivating, atmosphere.

4. Alternative Activities/Immersion - An aspect of the course focuses on sharing – celebrating similarities and appreciating differences. This includes activities such as immersion to Christian and Muslim communities, visits to Mosques, Churches and religious schools.

PeaceTech aims to provide our Ambassadors with a well-rounded experience. The course is not a "12-day walk in the park". While it is an amazing experience, we expect you to commit to giving back to your communities with the knowledge you have acquired during the course

Anyone who is interested should apply! We will consider your application as long as you can convince us that the course will add something to your life and help you make a difference.

We will screen applicants through interviews in your community. The 40-hour course is subsidized.

Successful applicants will pay a Php 100.00 registration fee (your contribution for the course, kits and materials). Certificates of completion will be given to those who successfully complete the course.

Final schedules and classes will be announced soon.

If you are 16 to 30 years old, fill-up the Application form and send it back to us via email at For inquiries, contact 02-636-6562 , or email at or visit




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