Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pinay Scandal is a hit...


Have you tried searching for these words lately? You may even want to click on the related words like pinoy scandal and you'll see something amazing the browsers would spit out.

Yes! You got it. Several days ago a group of Pinoy bloggers based all over the world, has decided to join Macuha's PINAY SCANDAL SEO Campaign aimed in improving the image of the Filipinas ( a.k.a Pinay's) in the world wide web.

Joining this campaign might be not that popular at first but I tell you, this has somehow changed the views of other races to the Filipina women in the future. Instead of seeing nude and naked girls on the pages linked to the Pinay Scandal or Pinoy Scandal on the first 3-pages of the search, all they see now are intelligent, nose-bleeding news, views and reviews from Filipinas and Filipinos all around the globe.

This is worth your time. Come join us improve the Filipino's image in the web. Go linking with us.

If you have posted something related to this link, please feel free to leave your comments here and post also your blog's link.


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