Sunday, December 16, 2007

Reviews on Online Casino? Anyone?

Love to play in online casinos?

Just by looking at the sites, you'll be tempted to play online black jack, online slot machines, roullete, craps and other games that you can possibly name. Added by very enticing offers of free points and cash deposits, definitely you'll try to bet.

But, how sure are you that the said online casino is legitimate?

Try reading some reviews. reviews can provide you perspective on online casino sites and how they operate. Upon checking the web, I came across is one of the most respected authorities on online casino reviews since 1997. How do they rank? This is what they do:

Pro360 review online casinos in many different ways, You can see a list of the different formats we offer in the right hand column of this page, these include "editors picks", "best bonuses" and "Best Payouts".

A Pro360 staff member with year of experience in the industry will spend hours in each and every casino to review their details. After the review is written they will then place scores against points such as graphics and software speeds. The public can also vote and all these scores tally to give you a total or overall score for the online casino.

I guess everything is said. to read more about, check on their website:


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