Friday, December 21, 2007

There's Really Money in Blogging

Friends keep on asking me if I really earned through blogging?

Openly, I say YES! I got this payments from PAY PER POST and SMORTY.

Why do companies pay you to blog?

The wide expanse of the world wide web has left every marketer and seller to find their target market. To be able to do this, they want to be in the top of the rank. Getting in top of the rank (or the list) as others may say, require lots of links and connections from every possible website or blogs. The more advertorials ad reviews they receive from competent and reliable blogs, the better rankings they have.

As I always say to new bloggers, take time to post at least 2 quality articles in your blogs. Then, try to alot another time in improving its looks. Then, go searching for sites that PAYS YOU TO BLOG.

Two of the most reliable sites is PAY PER POST and SMORTY. This sites pays you from $6.00 to $ 60.00 for a 200-250 word post.

You can also send your URL to MONEY4BLOGS. MONEY4BLOGS will place a line ad in your weblog in exchange for a fee.

Isn't it amazing? Just look at the last payment I got from my paypal account. By the way, for the information of everyone, you can now even receive, send and withdraw your money through UNIONBANK Philippines ATM facilities.




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