Friday, January 4, 2008

ABS VS. AGB at GMA VS. ABS: The Battles of Truth?

For those who missed the trail of the new KAPAMILYA VS. KAPUSO battle on the AGB Neilsen Media survey research panel house breach, this is your chance to take a look at it as it happens. Thanks to the power of the world wide web and video streaming courtesy of

1. ABS-CBN filed a case against AGB Neilsen Media Research for a possible data manipulation of the data gathered in Bacolod Area based on some whistle blowers which according to ABS-CBN's report were hired by GMA 7 . See full report below:

2. According to this TV Patrol News, GMA 7 the AGB Neilsen Panel Homes.

2. GMA 7 denied the allegations as provided in this report.

3. ABS-CBN release this statement regarding their stand on pressing charges against AGB Media Research.

4. GMA 7 then files case against ABS -CBN for what they claim as "defamatory reports" done by the latter . They even issue an on air statement on this issue. Please see below:

5. ABS presented another aired statement quoting AGB Media Neilsen's General Manager Maya Reforma claiming that their was a breech in confidentiality of the panel homes done by GMA 7.

And, the battle continues between ABS-CBN and GMA on two sides: (1) the Philippine television airwaves supremacy, and (2) in the battle for true.

Who's telling the TRUTH. Sooner we will find out...


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