Monday, December 3, 2007

"Three Days of Darkness / Tatlong Araw ng Kadiliman"


Directed by Khavn Dela Cruz

Starring Katya Santos, Gwen Garci

Introducing Precious Adona and Bugz Daigo

Opens on December 12-24 exclusively at Robinsons Movieworld IndieSine-Galleria, Manila and Bacolod

Inevitable. Inescapable. Inexorable. The only option left is to be prepared!

The unsettling events we see in the world today are sure signs of what is yet to come, doomsayers everywhere unceasingly warn an increasingly skeptical public. Yet it will come to pass- the `Three Days of Darkness,' an apocalyptic scenario which sees all of mankind literally groping in the dark under a dead sun, leaving the world in pitch black existence.

This highly-cerebral premise is merely but a starting point of the full length feature "Three Days of Darkness" (Tatlong Araw ng Kadiliman) which then ponders- what unspeakable horror awaits man if he's all too suddenly thrown in the blindness of three seemingly endless nights? More interestingly, what if instead of a man, it is a woman, nay make that three covetous women who are left to themselves in the dark? And are they, in fact, truly alone? Push the envelope further and see what if these lovely women become "playthings" in the hands of IT that thrive only in the dark? Can lust and desire veil the body from the assault of the unimaginable monsters of the night?

Questions on spirituality, morality, (homo)sexuality- one film simply cannot mix all three opposing elements. It is almost taboo.

But "Three Days of Darkness" is not a film.

From the recognized Father of Philippine digital cinema, Khavn Dela Cruz, comes "Three Days of Darkness" (Tatlong Araw ng Kadiliman), a full length feature unlike anything the local audience has been offered to see before. Little wonder as its creator, enfante terrible Khavn is unlike any Filipino filmmaker the world has known before. Before any other, he has long decided to shoot only in digital. Non-traditional digital features. No non-sense non-traditional digital features. You get the picture? (in digital-pun intended!)

So even for his most "commercial" endeavor, an admitted attempt of the filmmaker to entice and expose to a much wider LOCAL audience his version of cinema, Khavn could not be anything but true to his passion-the exploration and exposition of themes and ideas many others would find too taboo to even mention. Simply put, the digital master painstakingly chose his material, one that would equally excite the artist in him and the audience's dictum for unqualified entertainment.

The result is "Three Days of Darkness" (Tatlong Araw ng Kadiliman), a horror-thriller without a single ghost yet will MOST DEFINITELY leave the audience engulfed in a sea of terror and nightmare PLUS an unblinking dose of lesbian encounters that likewise stretches the limits of Viva's most daring sex goddesses, KATYA SANTOS and GWEN GARCI. Newbie nymphet PRECIOUS ADONA and young hunk BUGZ DAIGO complete the libidous quartet.

If a film be rated FOR ADULTS, let it be with a genuine adult premise and stance and substance. This year, no other local feature could be as adult as the encounter of the three women with their darkest secrets and the unseen monster in the darkest corners of the house that just suddenly went black. Total blackout for three days.

"Three Days of Darkness." It is here and escape is only for the sissy. Challenge your gut and your senses and experience an overblown scare-ride in the darkness of IndieSine cinema. That is if you're 18 and above-and we don't just mean your birth age.




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